Coal carbonization process tree

Category Images

Year of manufacture/creation second half of the 19th century

Place of manufacture/creation Dresden, Germany

Size Height: 87 cm
Width: 39.5 cm

Material canvas, wood

Museum/Storage location Gasworks Museum in Paczków

Date of admission to the museum 1992

Rights to the exhibit Gasworks Museum in Paczków

Rights to digital images public domain


Exhibit description

This diagram, dating from the second half of the 19th century, illustrates the proces of degassing bituminous coal as well as its chemical by-products and their applications.

The tree shows the optimum proportions for obtaining light gas from 100 kilograms of coal. Secondary products, such as coke and tar are also shown on the tree. They are placed on the thickest branches. The tree also includes other chemical substances and compounds and their use in the industry.

Before it found its way to the Gasworks Museum in Paczków, the drawing was kept in the office of the manager of the Municipal Gasworks in Zabrze.

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