History of the gas industry

Time lines

Pivotal events in the history of the gas industry in Poland and Europe. Traditional gas production and the beginnings of natural gas extraction. Biographies of those who supplied our towns and homes with gas.

History of the gas industry


History of the gas industry


21 May 2020
Ignacy Mościcki
The President of Poland and the founding father of the Polish chemical industry.
20 May 2020
Stanisław Szczepanowski
Stanisław Szczepanowski was one of the most prominent entrepreneurs of the second industrial revolution in Poland.
3 February 2020
Tytus Trzecieski
Co-creator of the oil industry in the region of Galicia.
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8 July 2019
History of Kraków Gasworks
5 July 2019
History of Warsaw Gasworks
11 June 2019
New life of old gasworks
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1 September 2019
Podcast: Advertising the first household gas appliances
7 October 2019
A postcard from half a century ago – the operation of a traditional gasworks
22 August 2019
Warsaw’s street gas lamps
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