History of the gas industry

Key events in the history of the gas industry in Poland and Europe.

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History of Kraków Gasworks

Although the municipal gasworks in Kraków was built after other cities had been operating their facilities for some time, Kraków was the first Polish city to be lit by gas street lamps.

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First bath heated with a gas water heater

This appliance is invented by an Englishman, Benjamin Waddy Maughan. Gas begins to find multiple new applications, and inventions include gas cookers, refrigerators, irons, coffee roasters, boilers, gas heaters and many more.


Gas light gains new brightness and colour

This is a clever invention of Carl Auer von Welsbach – a fabric mantle, made from cotton mesh impregnated with non-flammable compounds, which when heated by a gas flame emits a bright light without burning. This invention continues to be used today.


Natural gas discovered in the Podkarpacie region

The beginnings of natural gas in Poland are connected to crude oil extraction in the Podkarpacie region.

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Podcast: The history of gasworks in the Polish lands and their new life

The history of gasworks in the Polish lands is a story about the economic development of a nation and the striving for the modernity of Polish homes.

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Gas industry today and tomorrow

Technology 31 December 2019
Natural gas fuel cells

Fuel cells are one of the greener sources of electrical power. Natural gas can be converted into hydrogen, which is then used to power fuel cells. Is this the future of energy generation? Let’s see how it works.

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Technology 8 October 2019
UAVs and satellites to monitor gas pipelines

The latest technologies applied in gas engineering include novel monitoring solutions for the natural gas transmission and distribution infrastructure. Gas pipelines are linear projects which sometimes stretch for hundreds of kilometres, so their inspection with an “eye in the sky” seems a natural solution. It can be done with UAVs and satellites.

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Science 8 October 2019
Optical fibre applications for gas pipeline diagnostics

Optical fibre measurements are applied in many areas of engineering. Optical fibres can help detect and pinpoint gas leaks. They can also be applied in strain measurement of gas pipelines.

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Gas map of Poland

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