History of the gas industry

Key events in the history of the gas industry in Poland and Europe.

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Gas industry today and tomorrow

Technology 29 April 2020
Less gas in the gas, that is about regulators, i.e. the guardians of pressure and...our wallets

Installed in gas stations or gas connections, regulators constantly watch over the pressure in our home gas systems, thanks to which our gas meters measure the consumed gas correctly!

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Technology 11 September 2019
Non-mining methane production methods

Mines are not the only sources of natural gas: the fuel can be produced by chemical or biological synthesis.

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Technology 8 October 2019
A new era of gas metering: thermal mass flow meters

The distribution of natural gas to consumers has been monitored and billed with bellows gas meters since the 19th century. The drawbacks of bellows gas meters could be finally offset by thermal mass flow meters, which promise higher accuracy, longer service life, and features of smart technologies.

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