History of the gas industry

Key events in the history of the gas industry in Poland and Europe.

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Erazm Jerzmanowski

Jerzmanowski is the man who is said to have “illuminated America”. He must have been, indeed, an extraordinary person.

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First bath heated with a gas water heater

This appliance is invented by an Englishman, Benjamin Waddy Maughan. Gas begins to find multiple new applications, and inventions include gas cookers, refrigerators, irons, coffee roasters, boilers, gas heaters and many more.


Gas light gains new brightness and colour

This is a clever invention of Carl Auer von Welsbach – a fabric mantle, made from cotton mesh impregnated with non-flammable compounds, which when heated by a gas flame emits a bright light without burning. This invention continues to be used today.


Natural gas discovered in the Podkarpacie region

The beginnings of natural gas in Poland are connected to crude oil extraction in the Podkarpacie region.

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Władysław Długosz

One of the pioneers of the oil industry, tempted by the black gold rush, went to Galicia to find money, recognition and...love of his life.

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Gas industry today and tomorrow

Technology 29 September 2019
Podcast: Innovative applications and the future of natural gas

The latest podcast from the Virtual Gas Museum focuses on the technologies, innovation and future of natural gas applications.

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Technology 8 October 2019
A new era of gas metering: thermal mass flow meters

The distribution of natural gas to consumers has been monitored and billed with bellows gas meters since the 19th century. The drawbacks of bellows gas meters could be finally offset by thermal mass flow meters, which promise higher accuracy, longer service life, and features of smart technologies.

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Science 8 October 2019
Listen to what the gas pipeline says

What does the creaking of timber beams in a mine have to do with advanced analysis of the sound of gas pipelines? The objective is the same in both cases: to identify symptoms which, if interpreted correctly, can help prevent a failure or an accident.

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