Kraków Gasworks voucher for 2 m³ of gas

Category Gas meters

Subcategory Vouchers

Year of manufacture/creation the 1920s

Manufacturer/author Kraków Gasworks

Place of manufacture/creation Kraków, Poland

Size Height: 2 cm
Width: 7.5 cm
Length: 11.5 cm
Weight: 0.2 kg

Material wood, metal

Museum/Storage location Gasworks Museum in Paczków

Date of admission to the museum 1992

Rights to the exhibit Gasworks Museum in Paczków

Rights to digital images public domain


Exhibit description

The cost of gas is an important element of a household budget. The price of this fuel is dependent on the global economic situation and sometimes also politics. Nonetheless, the differences in the price of gas seen on our bills today are nothing compared to the volatility of gas prices when that particular fuel was still generated from coal. The new technology was expensive, and the economy was damaged by inflation.

In these circumstances, every consumer was determined to have access to a stable price of gas for at least some time to come! This opportunity came in the form of a simple solution implemented by many different gasworks – a voucher. The purchase of a voucher at the gasworks was equivalent to a prepayment for a certain amount of gas and protected the consumer against price increases. One needed to make haste, however, as the sale of vouchers was limited.

This particular voucher was issued by the Kraków Municipal Gasworks and covered 2 m³ of gas.

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