date added: 19.07.2022

Educational games at the Virtual Gas Museum website

Play and try your hand at one of the educational games focusing on the history of the gas and mining industries.

In our animated game, become a detective and find inventions that once changed the world. Great fun? A history lesson? Or an eye test? You can find them here:

With these games, you can learn about the most important events in the history of the gas and mining industries. To move on to the next stage, you must find a hidden object crucial to the storyline. However, it is not as simple as it sounds.
The Virtual Gas Museum is a platform providing knowledge not only about the past but also about the present and the future of the gas industry and natural gas. Its dominant content includes illustrated virtual exhibitions focusing on the origins of gas lights and household gas appliances, the very first promotional campaigns encouraging clients to purchase gas-powered lamps and devices, and even the history of gas meters. The Museum also hosts various exhibits, such as gas refrigerators, irons, and curling tongs.

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