Gas-powered wringer

Category Home appliances

Year of manufacture/creation the 1930s

Manufacturer/author Seilers Maschinenfabrik Liegnitz

Place of manufacture/creation Legnica, then Germany

Size Height: 106 cm
Width: 220 cm
Depth: 100 cm
Weight: 400 kg

Material steel, cast iron, wood, cloth

Museum/Storage location Gasworks Museum in Paczków

Date of admission to the museum 2017

Rights to the exhibit Gasworks Museum in Paczków

Rights to digital images public domain


Exhibit description

A wringer, otherwise known as a mangle, is not only used for smoothing fabric but also to press out moisture.

The device is fitted with heavy rollers, which roll across the fabric, flattening it. By using gas, the rollers can be heated, which allows them to simultaneously dry and press the fabric.

A room which houses the device becomes warmer and filled with the pleasant scent of freshly washed sheets, tablecloths and towels. Maybe this is the reason why laundry rooms equipped with wringers are popular meeting places for neighbours?

One such place was “Zosia’s Mangle” located in Opole, where this particular exhibit was once used. The machine was manufactured in the 1930s in Germany, by a manufacturing plant priding itself on being the “largest mangle factory in Germany”.

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