Gas refrigerator

Category Home appliances

Subcategory Refrigerators

Year of manufacture/creation the 1930s

Manufacturer/author Electrolux

Place of manufacture/creation Stockholm, Sweden

Size Height: 95 cm
Width: 54 cm
Depth: 54 cm
Weight: 50 kg

Material steel, enamel, copper

Museum/Storage location Gasworks Museum in Paczków

Date of admission to the museum 1992

Rights to the exhibit Gasworks Museum in Paczków

Rights to digital images public domain


Exhibit description

The story of this exhibit proves that gas does not have to be used only for heating and that inventors dealing with gas sometimes made extraordinary discoveries.

Gas refrigerators of this type could be seen by Polish customers for the first time during a trade exhibition held in Warsaw in 1923. Gas fridges were displayed at the stand of a Swedish company called Electrolux. This enterprise was the first to manufacture refrigerating units dedicated to domestic use.

Although they were popular and innovative at that time, today these gas refrigerators have been replaced by electric devices. Such was the fate of this exhibit, which arrived at the Museum in Paczków after it was found by gas engineers investigating gas pipework in a cellar of one of the inspected buildings.

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