date added: 01.10.2019

Podcast: Advertising the first household gas appliances

In the 19th century, gas street lamps became the trademark of the largest cities; however, at that time, the use of gas was not limited to illuminating streets or houses. Gas was used to fuel the very first stoves, irons, heaters, ovens and refrigerators. Even the first hairstyles which featured waves were made possible by the use of gas. Gas provided light, heat and was even used for refrigeration. It was during that time that the manufacturers of gas appliances which we all recognise made their debut on the market. These brands have stood the test of time, and some brand names have even entered the common language. To overcome customer reservations, these novel gas-powered devices were in need of all-out advertising. In order to increase sales, it was sometimes necessary to resort to some extraordinary advertising methods.

The second of our podcasts is dedicated to the history of gas-powered household appliances and the methods of their promotion. Wojciech Kalfas, the curator at Paczków’s Museum, is our expert from the Virtual Gas Museum – the brand-new online educational platform.

Advertising the first household gas appliances

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