Design of the V800 gas holder

Category Plans and charts

Year of manufacture/creation 1940s - 1950s

Place of manufacture/creation Paczków, Poland

Size Height: 74 cm
Width: 86 cm

Material tracing paper

Museum/Storage location Gasworks Museum in Paczków

Date of admission to the museum 1991

Rights to the exhibit Gasworks Museum in Paczków

Rights to digital images public domain


Exhibit description

The availability of up-to-date technical plans drawn up in clear language can be crucial to the continuity of infrastructure services, especially ones so vital to the functioning of cities. This is precisely why the creation of technical documentation in the Recovered Territories was so important after the end of World War Two.

The Polish-language copy of the plan for the 800 m3 gas holder was probably made several years after the end of the war. Copying and translating the technical documentation into Polish was necessary so that the technical aspects of the construction could be easily discussed during the renovation work. This was of particular importance as the first workers in the gasworks in the Recovered Territories were usually unskilled. The lack of technical documentation in Polish therefore significantly hampered the operation of this facility.

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